With a comprehensive network of partners and consultants offering a wide variety of services through our website, Biz 2 Biz offers a number of vital services and benefits to our members. This portal will be the only gateway to the Asia Pacific ICT community and will be promoted extensively internationally.

Showcasing of Products

Biz 2 Biz offers an ideal platform for our members and partners to showcase their products and services in a global platform. The product categorization and listings have been made in a very practical yet systematic manner to ensure easy access to information.

Talk to Buyers who are Looking to Buy Now

With direct and immediate access to dozens of vendors offering a wide variety of products and services, Biz 2 Biz offers an opportunity for buyers (who are looking to buy now) to meet sellers directly. There is no time wasting. You can search and find vendors offering the exact services you’re looking for.

What’s more all software on the site featured with the Endorsement by BCS Sri Lanka Section has passed rigorous product review process by qualified judges. Hence product quality is guaranteed.

Maximize your Personal Network

Biz 2 Biz not only maximizes your personal network, but it also helps you to make contact with business professionals and contacts you would normally miss. In a highly competitive business environment, can you afford to miss even a single connection or contact?

Cost Effective way to Generate Solid Leads

Compared to other avenues available in the marketplace at present, Biz 2 Biz is easily one of the most cost effective methods for companies to generate solid leads. And what’s more, the way in which products and services are categorized, will ensure that your leads are always accurate, thereby increasing your chances of completing a deal.